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Project Description

TransMock is a framework which enables automated integration testing of BizTalk integrations by employing the principles of mocking.

With this framework it becomes extremely easy to create and manage integration tests which can exercise complex flows in almost any thinkable scenario without the need to have complicated set-ups of test instances of the systems with which these integrations interact. The framework does not have its own programming model - it is tightly integrated with BizUnit and adds a thin overlay that makes the mocking of receive locations and send ports in BizTalk possible. This makes it ideal to be used on both sandboxed developer environments as well as on build servers which allows for easily implementing CI strategies.


Blog articles

  • Testing a real world BizTalk integration with TransMock - part 1
  • Testing a real world BizTalk integration with TransMock - part 2
  • Testing a real world BizTalk integration with TransMock - part 3

About the author

The man behind the funky alias cyberbyber is actually Svetoslav Vasilev. He has long experience within system development and integration solutions from multitude of industry domains. Ever since he was introduced to building integration solutions with products like BizTalk Server he wanted to bring the well-established practices for unit and integration testing in the system development world over. TransMock is the manifestation of this desire and hopefully it would make many BizTalk developers around the world happy by making them more productive than ever before.

You can reach me on Twitter - @svetosvas or linkedIn -

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