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Installation guide

1. From the Downloads section select the installer corresponding to the BizTalk server version you are using and download it.
2. After the download has completed start the installer.
3. Read through the EULA and if you agree to the terms and conditions check the check box in order to continue.
4. If you would like to install TransMock to a different location than the default one, select this location in the dialog but do note it down, as it shall be later used to invoke the Mockifier correctly.
5. Complete the installation process and close the installer.

Now the framework is installed, the mock adapter is properly configured and can be used for executing tests. Under the target folder have been created 2 folders - Bin and Ext. The bin folder contains the adapter and the Mockifier, while the Ext folder contains the integration components for respectively BTDF and BizUnit.

Upgrade guide

1. Remove any older versions of TransMock prior to installing a newer version
2. Follow the steps in the installation guide above to install the newest version.

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