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TransMock 1.2 released!

Dec 19, 2016 at 9:47 PM
Hi community! I am pleased to announce that a new version of TransMock has just been released. Please look at the release notes of what has changed. A minor new addition is the LambdaValidationStep which brings a hint of functional programming to the otherwise good old BizUnit programming model. With this step one gains the entire control of running test validation logic in a function within the unit test class, instead of being defined in an overloaded method in a validation step class. This is achieved by simply defining a callback on the LambdaValidationStep instance that points to the desired function. This may be rather handy if for instance one desires to employ new ways of validating an XML message with, lets say, Linq to XML programming model. Or to quickly apply some validation logic over a flat file. The possibilities are endless.